Map: The Shore

A new map, my first coloured one, and a mini-adventure location for your favourite role-playing game, complete with a bunch of adventure hooks. I’d love to see you adapt and use The Shore in your own games, tag me on @moniquefranzsen.

1 – The Marine Tavern

Flicking lanterns illuminate gregarious locals wearing distinctive woolen gambesons and battered oilskin dusters. They can talk all day about their nautical tattoos, but can be steered to other rumours if you get the next round. Banjax, a sentient pet crab, walks along the bar and banters with customers.

A Whale of a Tale – d4 rumours

1The next morning, folk will be throwing flowers into the sea from the slipway (5), to mourn the loss of Carrick, a local fisherfolk, at sea.
2The other stranger in the tavern is looking for crew to join her expedition to an island nobody has heard of before.
3The Fishery has employed a water wizard to bewitch the seas, making fish swim away from fisherfolk.
4Pascal claims that he has found a magic tin whistle that will summon a massive, spiked sea slug when blown at the end of the pier (4).

2 – Fisherfolk

The sea salt spray pounds these huts rhythmically, and seaweed is strewn about. A small group of fisherfolk still live on the beach, despite the crumbling ruins of former homesteads (6). They prise barnacles off of the hulls of their ships and swap tales of the sea. Dander is their chief – they maintain a vendetta against the Fishery, it’s the source of the world’s evils, according to them, and will eagerly suggest methods of closing it down.

3 – Fishery

Unsurprisingly, it reeks of fish. The sturdy wooden structure is newer than the rest of the buildings. Barrels of fresh and salted fish are packed by nervous fishery workers, who live up in the town proper. Supervisor Breen is the leader of the pack here, he speaks of modernising and improving folks’ lives. Access to the upstairs level of the Fishery is restricted and under guard.

4 – Piers

Ragged, unsavory youths lurk nearby, their laughter crashing against the salt-scoured shore. Their faces and fingers are red from the freezing wind as they look for the next cure for boredom. Steady on their bare feet, even on the slippery wooden boards, they scope out potential victims. At the end of the piers, one can see:

A Sight to See – d4 adventure hooks

1A shoal of fish glows under the sea. Are they spelling out a message?
2That large rock, jutting out of the waves, just moved. It’s not a rock.
3A merman, with a fish tail, is beached nearby. He looks injured.
4In the distance, a ship is being pulled slowly underwater by a giant tentacle. Some people are escaping by jumping into the water and grabbing onto the floating debris.

5 – Slipway

Salt and seaweed encrusted, the slipway lives up to its name. Watch your step. The fisherfolk use it to launch their rowboats. Two fishers, Gretel and Perle, perch nearby, mending nets, smoking pipes and keeping their eye on what goes on. Gretel dispairs of the dying fishing trade. Perle combs the beach and collects oddities.

6 – Crumbling Ruins

A strange, sweet, rotting smell is in the air here. Something ancient and dangerous is involved in the ruin of this beach. The sand is sticky and harder to walk through. Fisherfolk huts here are abandoned and sinking into the mire. The longer that characters spend in the ruins, the harder it is to shake off the feeling of unease.

Black and white inked map with The Shore as the title in the top left. The map is a top-down illustration of a seaside setting. There are 6 points of interest on the map.