Why I Play RPGs with Kids

Why I Play RPGs with Kids

Hi! Welcome to my blog.

I’ve been inspired to set up this blog based on the growing number of people I’m connecting with on Twitter who also run roleplaying games with kids. As someone who has been running games with kids and adults for a number of years, I can say that playing with kids is a unique experience.

Why do I play RPGs with kids?

For me, I absolutely love teaching children how to play RPGs because I want them to have a positive experience with the hobby and to feel that they are encouaged to belong in the RPG community – no matter what background, other interests or quirks they might have.

As I teacher, I enjoy teaching! I have personally been lucky enough to witness the fire in a kid’s eyes when they first realise that the game I’m teaching them is more than just a game, that they get a personal sense of real enjoyment from something RPG-related. It’s something special and, while not all kids get bitten by the RPG bug, it’s worth passing that knowledge on.

The RPG community can only benefit from having a multitude of new, excited young people enter the hobby with inclusive, respectful boundaries and models for positive behaviour at a gaming table. Just like when I teach my core subject, when I teach roleplaying games I explicitly model the behaviours and techniques I want my students to pick up. This often leads to some of them wanting to run their own games – which is one of my primary goals.

Stick with me here at this blog or on Twitter to read more about my experiences playing RPGs with young people.