Making Maps

My brand new lockdown hobby, rather spontaneously, has been drawing RPG-inspired maps. I did a little bit of research, bought some mid-range pens and a dotted notebook, and got going. Have a look at some of the results! Click the thumbnails below for a full view.


These tutorials from Paths Peculiar were especially helpful in learning the methods and I found them invaluable. Go and check them out!

The illustrious Dyson, who makes maps in this distinctive style, has some great help sheets here.

JP Covert has a detailed YouTube video on the mapping process – How to Draw Your Own D&D Town Map!

What I bought (Amazon UK):

rOtring Tikky Mechanical Pencil Set – I’m not totally convinced a mechanical pencil is necessary, but I bought one on recommendation. As a complete novice, I draw everything out in pencil, go over with my thinnest pen, and then erase the pencil afterwards.

Uni Pen 5 Piece Black – I use these for my lines. I use the thinnest, 0.1, for the little details, like cracks in the tiles, and 0.3 to reinforce walls and make them look thicker.

Spectrum Noir alcohol markers – I got 5 markers in a range of basic, bland colours as well as a blender pen (which isn’t actually for blending!). I’m still experimenting with these.

Rhodia Wire Bound Notebook – The dots are essential for me to line up my drawings.

I have found map-making quite absorbing, and it’s great to work on while listening to music or keeping one eye on a TV show. I’m very proud of what I’ve created, considering that, prior to this, I never considered myself capable of drawing – in fact, I would have said I’m quite bad at it! Drawing has also sparked my imagination in other ways, too. I am writing up some adventure hooks to go with my latest map. Watch this space!

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